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Permanent Recruitment

Elect Recruitment understands the difficulty in obtaining the right calibre of staff is very critical to you business.  We understand people are the biggest asset to any business to produce the best results.

Here at Elect Recruitment we have over a decade of experience in producing the best results for your company.  Our recruitment procedures have always been admired which continue to produce results at the highest levels.  This is why our client retention is excellent.

Getting Started

  1. We appoint a dedicated experienced consultant to obtain all your business requirements.
  2. We project the exact professional image you wish to ensure we advertise and source internal candidates the way you want.
  3. We are constantly recruiting top quality candidates via the media, job boards, recruitment fairs and client referrals.
  4. All potential candidates are fully briefed regarding your organisation, job descriptions and all operational procedures are also briefed in great detail.
  5. We screen all candidates rigorously to ensure we only send the best people.
  6. All candidates are ability tested by our systems but we can also adopt the systems you choose.
  7. References from previous employers are obtained to ensure the history of all candidates.
  8. We check all original documentation to ensure candidates eligibility to work in the UK and proof of qualifications.


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